The event took place on July 28-31 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. The team at Bernadette Davis Communications brought in Cimone Key Creative Studio to develop an innovative approach to the event’s brand and assets based. Our combined teams dived into the NAACP’s needs and explored various creative ideas to deliver captivating visuals. The assets were utilized on the NAACP’s event website, emails, apparel, ads and more. This partnership also showcases the NAACP's commitment to empowering Black and woman-owned businesses.


  • Create a visually compelling identity focused on the Thrive Together theme
  • Incorporate design elements to show power and joy
  • Develop more than 80 distinct assets to be used across digital, print and event locations
  • Increase admissions, memberships, donors, and volunteers

Service Provided

  • Creative Concept Development
  • Project Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Communications

Our Approach

This year’s convention theme is “Thriving Together.” The BDC team brought in Cimone Key Creative Studio to develop the design concept and approach. The team developed a powerful, compelling, meaningful, and thoughtful visual through the lens of Black people who are unapologetically authentic, joyful and powerful. Using pop culture as a source of creative inspiration, the content designs feature bold fonts, curvy lines and an added pop of color. This strategy significantly amplified the event messaging.

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